Notes from the Waiting Room

December 20, 2010

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To readers of Paul Levy’s wonderful blog Running A Hospital: Thank you for linking here from Paul’s kind recommendation of Notes from the Waiting Room: Managing a Loved One’s End of Life Hospitalization. Notes is 2/3 about how to advocate during any hospitalization and 1/3 about revisioning end of life to minimize shock, harm, and grief, and to maximize the likelihood of a peaceful demise. I’m both author and independent publisher. As publisher, I welcome purchasers at for direct fulfillment of the book. Let me know if you’d like your copy inscribed.

As I write this I’m building out the new website; it incorporates a blog. This is the last post I’m making on this independently hosted blog. I’ve copied all previous blog posts to the new blogsite.

Hospital Patient Advocate replaces Axiom Action is my umbrella organization. Its name means to seek what is true and then act on it.

Besides being a better search phrase than Axiom Action, Hospital Patient Advocate clearly communicates my focus on helping patient-families understand that they’ve a need to advocate, and to obtain some guidance about how to approach and actually do it.

In addition to Hospital Patient Advocate, we’ve split off of Axiom Action also. Harvest is devoted to my wife Deborah’s work and her stellar book, Harvest the Bounty of Your Career—an artistic, must-read must-see that uses a tree metaphor for examining, evaluating and elevating one’s roots, branches, fruits, and seeds whenever one moves through different life phases.

See you over at the new sites.


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