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September 10, 2009

Windrum’s Way Out Politiku

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In yesterday afternoon’s HARO (www.HelpAReporterOut) list I learned of Susanna Speier’s Huffington Post column, Politiku. Politikus are hiku’s (3-line Japanese poems or stanzas with a 5-syllable, 7-syllable, 5-syllable structure) focusing on all things political. Speier put out a HARO call for health care reform politikus. Right up my alley (I write poetry in addition to books).

I purposefully didn’t want to over-edit, preferring to go with the flow. These days my flow muses about the true time and nature of “death panels”—a topic on which I am soon to shop a 1700-word article. The hiku below is based on my core thoughts, expressed in a way so as not to publish them in a technical sense, which would preclude the article from consideration as an original work.

Windrum’s Way Out Politiku

Death panels: self-serve;
Must be so else goose is cooked.
The road *will* be crossed.

Chickening out? Not
an option. Go in time or
machines run you down.

Die in peace we say
and avoid that at all costs
zombies ’til the end.

Do your own work now.
Doctor, don’t take this on too.
Road chicken? Fly high.


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